Indicators of Trafficking

How can you tell if someone is a victim of human trafficking?  Here are some of the indicators to look for:

  • originates from a foreign country
  • speaks neither English nor French, or may not speak on their own behalf
  • is unaware of local surroundings, even though they have been in the area for an extended period of time
  • shows evidence of control, intimidation or abnormal psychological fear
  • is not able to move or leave their job
  • has tattoos that act as the trafficker’s ‘brand’
  • is moved by their trafficker, often from strip club to strip club, so that they don’t make friends
  • isn’t allowed to hang out with friends or family
  • has bruises or show other signs of abuse
  • shows signs of malnourishment
  • is frequently accompanied by their trafficker
Human Trafficking Indicators