About Us

The Coalition Assisting Trafficked Individuals (CATI) includes over 20 different social agencies, non-governmental organizations and individual persons in London and Middlesex County who:

  • coordinate the delivery of services to people who have been in situations of human trafficking, and
  • seek to prevent further instances of human trafficking by raising awareness of the issue.

Each person who has been in a situation of trafficking will have different concerns and service needs. CATI offers and coordinates services such as: interpretation, shelter and housing, health care, legal services, emotional support and counselling as well as accompaniment to interviews with government agencies, police and crown.

CATI is currently conducting training for front-line service providers to help them recognize and support those experiencing human trafficking.


Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation



CATI would like to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) for their support of this project. The grant received from OTF enabled the development and implementation of a training program to recognize and address human trafficking in our region.